» Sacrifice: Chapter 2-Black the Beast fills my Dreams


Words: 4,647

Genre: Angst, Hurt/comfort

Rating: T

Description: After a fight with the White Fang, and to save her partner’s life, Blake rejoins her former group. Now Yang tries to return the favor and get Blake back.

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They are sitting together on a sturdy branch of an ash tree. Blake, of course, has her nose in a book. Yang has her head resting on Blake’s shoulder, looking at the words on Blake’s book, but she is not really reading them. She can’t quite keep up with how fast Blake reads. It doesn’t really matter to the blonde. She is just happy to have her partner near her. Yang can’t to seem to figure out why, but she feels like it has been a while since she has last been able to be this close to Blake.

Blake sighs before turning a page in her book. Yang turns her head so she can look at Blake. The faunus has a sad look on her face. “You okay Blakey?” Yang asks her partner. Blake doesn’t answer. “Blake?” Yang picks her head up off of Blake’s shoulder, and waits for the faunus’ response. Finally, with her finger on the page she is on, Blake closes her book.

“It’s nothing Yang.” Blake solemnly answers.

“It doesn’t sound like it is nothing. Are you thinking about the White Fang again?” Yang has learned that most of the time, when Blake becomes even more quiet and closed off than usual, it has something to do with the White Fang. Sometime it can be something different, like maybe Blake is just flat out having a bad day, but that does not seem to be the case.

Blake takes a deep sigh and nods. Yang also sighs, and wraps her arms around her partner. She gives Blake a small kiss on the forehead before she speaks. “Why are you thinking about them? You know that we are going to stop them.”

“I know that Yang. I am still worried. Every day they are growing more powerful. They are gaining more members each day. I am just…worried about what happens if we are unable to stop them. I’m worried for everyone’s safety. I have heard about some faunus dying, especially those that left the White Fang, as well as some humans. I believe most of those deaths have something to do with the White Fang.”

“Don’t worry about that Blake. Nothing is gonna happen to us, I am not going to let anything happen to you. I promise that.”

Blake shakes her head.

“No? What do you mean-” Yang looks down to see why Blake had said no, but finds that her partner has disappeared from her arms. Yang start to look around, trying desperately to find Blake. Just as quickly has Blake disappeared, the tree and area she and Yang were sitting at is gone, and has been replace by a warehouse full of boxes and crates. This only adds to Yang’s confusion.

She hears footsteps coming close to her. Yang snaps her head around to see who is coming. Out of the shadow are three figures. Two of them are dressed in a White Fang uniform. One is a large faunus with horns coming out of his head. The other faunus is smaller, and has Blake in his arms, Gambol Shroud resting on her neck.

Yang tries to move towards them, wanting to help her partner, but finds that she is unable to move. No matter how hard she tries to move, her legs stay where they are. The faunus that has Blake in his arms starts to move back into the shadows, disappearing with Blake. The horned faunus walks over to Yang. His eyes are hidden by the mask he wears, but he has a devious smile on his face. There is a gun in his hand. Once he is close to Yang, he raises his weapon, and hits Yang across head.


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